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In the Spanish Primera, almost half of the tournament has already passed. It means that it’s time to sum up some intermediate results, especially since many of them were quite unexpected. In the meantime, fans can enjoy 1xBet sport betting in internet; they will definitely be able to receive a reward for their knowledge. Talking about the pleasant surprises of the first half of the season, the performance of Real Sociedad should be surely mentioned. The team unexpectedly found itself among the leaders. This was especially difficult to predict after last summer the club's leader, Odegaard, left the club. However, the San Sebastian team managed to close its ranks, and it was due to the high-quality interaction on the field that they managed to achieve good results. Today thanks to sport betting on the 1xBet website on the Internet, fans have an opportunity to predict what results the club will show over the long distance. Sociedad had particularly successful starting rounds. The team managed to get several important victories. But in winter, the situation began to gradually decrease. The club had a series of several matches without any victories, which worsened its position in the standings and also raised a lot of legitimate questions. One of them is whether the team is capable of demonstrating its class over the long tournament distance. Everyone can make their predictions about future prospects of the team. It’s enough to complete the 1xBet app download for Android devices to be able to make forecasts in a convenient format. Remember that Sociedad’s matches usually have a very extensive line. This means that fans can bet on both popular and specific outcomes.

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In general, the current season is unfolding positively for the team. However, it still needs stability if it wants to enter the European competition zone. In the meantime, fans can enjoy 1xBet live match betting and predict whether the club will continue to please its fans. Don’t forget that it has a series of important confrontations in the future. The most important thing now is not to lose points in confrontations against weaker opponents. If the team avoids this, it can claim getting into the European competition zone. The advantages of the club include:

  • good teamwork;
  • great experience of the main stars;
  • high level of qualifications of the coaching staff.
You can always follow Sociedad's performances on the bookmaker's website. The live match betting feature is available on the 1xBet platform, which usually has profitable coefficients. This means that you will be able to hit a big jackpot. Therefore, don’t miss the opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge and get good rewards for it.

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