​​Lavender Fox is a florist providing everything from custom-design bouquets and centerpieces to full service wedding design. 

Our goal is to invoke strong emotion with the scents, feels, and textures of each design. We want you to see yourself in the movement of each flower. Your bouquet will be an extension of your arm, and the centerpieces will speak of the memories you've shared with your loved ones present. Your day is a tribute to the immense love, dreams, and moments you have experienced, and we are honored to be a part of your story.

Lavender Fox goes beyond the simplicity of flowers, it's a breeze through a field of Queen Annes Lace at sunset, cascading ombre foliage in the fall, and the strong scent of a pine forest. The seasons are incorporated into each piece with as many local and foraged flowers and greens as possible, your style being the center of it all.

Each wedding is custom priced and tailored individually, with full service weddings starting at $1000. Other requests based on availability. Contact Joslyn at [email protected] to see your vision become a creation.  

 Lauren Drizzle Photography